We are WolvesWe Belong Together: A

He must master the wolf within… Edinburgh, 1820. Thirty years after leaving Scotland, Drew Nicol is forced to return when skeleton of a monster found. The evidence werewolves—evidence that Marguerite de Carcassonne, leader Drew’s pack, determined suppress. insists accompany her Edinburgh. There they will try acquire while searching for wolf-hunters—wolf hunters who may be holding one their pack prisoner. But has reason wary about returning Edinburgh—Lindsay Somerville now lives there. Lindsay taught desire and obsession. never been able forgive turning him. vowed stay away from twelve ago… since taken drastic steps sever bond between them. Marguerite’s plan throw together again—and into deadly confrontation with Lindsay’s enemy, Duncan MacCormaic. They tested limits confront both past mistakes true feelings. it too late them repair damage past. consequences choices are catching up him, he’s just out time…

Book 3 in the fan-favorite Mad Morelands series from New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp! Ever since Anna Holcombe inexplicably refused his proposal, Reed Moreland has been unable to set foot home that was backdrop their romance—Winterset. The eerie beauty of Gloucestershire mansion and mystery surrounds it have always captivated him, he can neither continue living house nor give up completely despite painful memories stirs heart. But when begins having troubling dreams about being danger, puts heartbreak bitterness aside directs carriage back Winterset, determined protect woman cannot stop loving. Once again passion flares between them, but murder a servant girl draws them deep into foreboding, deadly legends Winterset…and destiny escape. Originally published 2004.

Join the RBI—a group of teen agents with special gifts—on a series action-packed adventures as they travel world! A plane crash ten years ago and reports strange wolf boy lead RBI to wilds western China girl who thinks that creature might be her long-lost brother. But mountains surrounding jungle are full dangers. Can team brave hungry tigers, snarling wolves treacherous ravines uncover truth? dangerous mission for RBI.