Two Weeks with the

Reissue of author’s first children’s novel, originally published in the UK 1989 by Blackie and Son Limited, Australia 1990 Pan Macmillan under Piper imprint. Story follows experiences young Colin, sent to stay with relatives England because his younger brother is seriously ill cancer. Colin reasons that if anyone can cure him it would be Queen’s own doctor. He sets out find doctor, making an understanding new friend on way. Ages 8-12 years. Author’s other novels for children include ‘Misery Guts’ ‘Belly Flop’.

A humorous but deeply moving story about Colin who refuses to believe that his younger brother is dying of cancer and decides take things into own hands. go the top for help, none other than Queen. Colin’s efforts penetrate British establishment are hilarious, surprising doomed failure, although can’t find a cure cancer, he does way help some new friends makes, as well discovering best thing can do Luke.

Using these questions as a stimulus to follow path of questioning you read Two Weeks with the Queen. Read critically gain better understanding novel Queen written by Morris Gleitzman. The name this study guide is Frequency because it hoped that will be able get onto right frequency engage in critical analysis character Colin text required Board Studies your Province, State and Country.