The Magic Sneeze

Cosmo is delighted when he passes the special test and becomes a witch-cat, just like his father Mephisto. Now will be able to ride on broomsticks help Sybil witch with her spells – it’s all because of magic sneeze, all-important ingredient for Sybil’s cauldron. But one clever curious kitty scary starts cooking up secret spell that produces golden statues hackles are raised. Especially in shape kittens . look frighteningly ALIVE!

This is a delightful book about Olivia, her hedgehog, and kitten. It not only tells the story of their first train ride but havoc that can come from an incorrectly handled sneeze! The expands boundaries imagination, bringing little readers into world magic adventure. also very gently teaches them importance wearing masks sneezing elbows. great for all ages. Everyone benefit both wonder lessons in this because each us sneezes, right? Magic sneeze ‘s Flight to MoonThis bedtime ages 3-5-year-old children animals, flight moon, travel, how properly sneeze, covid, Christmas.