The Keeper

“On the evening before Thanksgiving, Hal Chase, a guard in San Francisco County Jail, drives to airport pick up his step-brother for weekend. When they return, Hal’s wife, Katie, has disappeared without clue. By time Dismas Hardy hears about this, Katie been missing five days. The case strikes close home because had seeing Hardy’s marriage counselor. this time, original Missing Persons become suspected homicide, and is prime suspect. And lawyer he wants defense none other than himself. calls on friend, former homicide detective Abe Glitsky, look into case. At first it seems like police might have right; Chases’ was fraught with problems; alibi suspect; life insurance policy huge. But Glitsky’s mission identify possible suspects, there proves be no shortage of them: Patti Orosco–rich, beautiful, dangerous, lover; still unknown person who recent affair Katie; even own step-mother Ruth, resentful Katie’s gatekeeping against her grandchildren. as Glitsky probes further, learns an incident at jail, where works–only one many questionable inmate deaths that taken place there. Then, when body found not three blocks from Chase home, Homicide arrests finds himself very jail used work, full secrets knows all too well. Against backdrop conspiracy corruption, ambiguous motives suspicious alibis, obsessed closes elusive truth. As begin pile realizes, perhaps late, next victim himself” —

Is Cali a Time Keeper or is she remembering events that have already happened before time was changed? Ten-year-old must discover who Jamie and Nicky Elder are, why it’s so important to reach the boys evilest warlock of all, Ostrogoth, can find brothers kill them! lives in Padstow Green, Cornwall, hidden community Specials, people with magical powers. She realizes has been changed. Before fix it, warlocks attack, other villagers flee. But all not lost. While hiding, meets Nicky. befriends boys, teaches them about magic, their adventures begin. Firstly, nearly kills spell. Then they journey now warlock-infested Green Goldhawk Springs, where enhance talents. However, running out. Ostrogoth openly attacking Normals, non-magical people, barricades are going up over England. Anyone stopped without identification detained. After attacks supposedly safe house, Cali, parents go on run. Barely avoiding relentless Normals soldiers alike, travel from one end England other, finally finding place hide until develop skills necessary challenge either be killed.

One of the protectors universe, Claire Hansen and her preternaturally vocal cat, Austin, are tricked into taking charge a dilapidated bed-and-breakfast whose handyman is ghost guests include Hell, which resides in basement. Original.