the Human Spirit

Your relationship and walk with the Lord will only go as deep your spirit is free. The joy fulfillment that you experience catapult into a greater fuller level of living!

This book contains essays on brain, culture, and the human spirit that are basic to understanding relation between religion science. Each represent separate realms of inquiry, coming from physiology, anthropology, psychology, theology. author develops his own perspective as place homo sapiens in cosmos we know earth. Together, however, they an emerging consensus. Contents: Introduction, James B. Ashbrook; On Evolution Three Mentalities, Paul D. MacLean; The Myth-Ritual Complex: A Biogenetic Structural Analysis, Eugene G. d’Aquili; Body, Brain, Culture, Victor Turner; Psychology’s Mentalist Paradigm Religion/Science Tension, Roger W. Sperry; Brain Science Human Spirit, Colwyn Trevarthen; Destiny: Pattern for Old Empathy with Emergence Mind, Ashbrook.