The Great Garden

The popular Bloomers Island! gardening kits and online world blossom in a playful, beautifully illustrated new book aimed at getting kids to love everything about nature. Join the on whimsical adventure as they attend magical boarding school Island. As Pete Moss, Rosey Posey, Big Red, Violet, their friends prepare for Great Garden Party, learn gardening, healthy eating, caring environment. treehouse is held by arms of Mr. Banyan, tree celebrate his 200th birthday. His birthday party filled with fun games that teach curious students not all boring or hard—that it’s actually really fun!

The evil Cyril Snotter wants to destroy your Garden Centre. Your only offer of help comes from some talking animals – a mouse, and elephant giraffe thousands greedy minibeasts. So what do you do? Well, if name is Fred or Stalky Boggitt grab the chance with both hands, but keep fingers well truly crossed.

The perfect story to remind children about the importance of kindness. 3, 2, 1, go! Ned hamster has been in training for Great Garden Hamster Race but when race day arrives, route is cluttered with critters need help. Will he realise that a few small acts kindness are more important than winning at any cost? This positive picture book from author/illustrator Kim Hillyard will inspire all readers big and look up offer help those who might it. Also available Hillyard: Mabel Mountain: believing yourself