The Five Senses of Love

The five senses of love is a reassurance that always there to be enjoyed and experienced, with all our senses, in everyday occurrences.

Twenty-first-century living overwhelms our senses with negative forms of the imagery and activity that pervade every facet modern life. ‘The Five Senses Love’ brings home to you your loved ones a reassurance Love is always there – be enjoyed experienced, all senses, in everyday occurrences. Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Winner 2011Bronze Medal Winner: Picture Preschool

Marginalized by the scientific age lessons of senses have been overtaken dominance language and information revolution. With The Five Senses Serres traces a topology human perception, writing against Cartesian tradition in praise empiricism, he demonstrates repeatedly, lyrically, sterility systems knowledge divorced from bodily experience. fragile empirical world, long resistant to our attempts contain catalog it, is disappearing beneath relentless accumulations late capitalist society technology. Data has replaced sensory pleasure, we are less interested taste fine wine than description on bottle’s label. What we, what do really know, when forgotten that can describe more accurately ever could? book won inaugural Prix M├ędicis Essai 1985. Revelations edition includes an introduction Steven Connor.