The Dancer

The Dancer is a simple story of young woman in love, who trying to find out she is. While the simple, manner which it unfolds anything but. And sometimes ride so wild has everyone, including Author, hanging on their seats. starts Stage and that’s where ends. In between, goes beach, an Artist’s Studio, Native Village. We come understand that Studio Village are other worlds. Will true love? her place World? Welcome wonderful, if somewhat strange chaotic world Dancer.Series: 5 Books – Fantasy Other Worlds Love Story Ease: Very Easy; Target Audience Everybody at heart loves stories about those love community. Rating G; Reading Level Easy 5th Grade; Longest Word: Categorization Sometimes felt like was living yo-yo. Flown towards ground, then hovering there few inches away from ground before being spun back way flown sky, ground. From one extreme life. That life also between Ramon Raul, different, alike. Some days couldn’t decide two them. days, cared? They were both Italian, liked Italian men. so, Dancer’s very normal. But magic comes into scene. Whose magic? Is good or bad? Whatever this is, wherever from, turns Dancers upside-down.

The new book by prize-winning biographer Evelyn Juers, author of House Exile and Recluse, portrays the life background a pioneering Australian dancer who died at age twenty-five in remote town India. A uniquely talented choreographer, Philippa Cullen grew up Australia 1950s 60s. In 1970s, driven idea dancing her own music, she was forefront electronic music movement, working internationally with performers, avant-garde composers, engineers mathematicians to build experiment theremins movement-sensitive floors, which called body-instruments. She had unique sense purpose, read widely, travelled world, danced opera houses, art galleries festivals, on streets bridges, trains, clifftops, rooftops. wrote, I would define dance as an outer manifestation inner energy articulation more lucid than language. An embodiment artistic aspirations age, alone hill southern India 1975. With detailed reference Cullen’s personal papers recollections those knew her, characteristic flair for drawing connections bring larger perspectives, Juers’ Dancer is once intimate wide-ranging biography, portrait artist young woman.

The Dancer is Poetry in Motion as each person dances to their own beat and creates rhythm. A timeless creation of written expressions from the heart emotions a life filled with turmoil, controversy, love, death, sickness, most all, faith.