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Man with hammer, rucksack and GSOH offers gritty adventure holidays. Looking for sun, sea, sand – science. Scheduled to tie in a major new BBC series, Hot Rocks explores the Mediterranean cradle of western civilisation discovers alongside its tranquil, sun-lapped shores, one most volatile places on an ever-changing earth. The we know today has been forged violent crucible clashing continents, rising mountains, restless seas turbulent climate. Millions Britons are drawn every year whether they go beautiful scenery relaxing beaches or culture architecture food, none it would be there were not geology. Forward-thinking geologist television presenter Dr Iain Stewart, uncovers hidden brings fresh dramatic eye geology show just why is that should restored rightful place as grandfather sciences. From earthquakes volcanoes Roman cuisine, how shaped our lives can expect affect us years come.

Archetypal Expressions is a fresh approach to one of Jung’s best-know and most exciting concepts. Richard M. Gray uses archetypes as the basis for new means interpreting world lays foundations what he terms an “archetypal sociology”. ideas are combined with elements modern biology systems theory explore basic human experiences life, which recur through ages. Revealing implicitly cross-cultural interdisciplinary nature Jungian Psychology, Explorations represents significant contribution literature integrative approaches behaviour.