The Boy with Two LivesThe Boy, the Bear, the

Analyzes the meaning of Hebrew terms used in Old Testament, considering their occurrences ancient Near Eastern texts.

We’ve been meeting bears in the wilderness, and our dreams, since dawn of human history. Celebrated art myth we began drawing on walls caves, they cast a long shadow over collective subconscious. Wherever endure, are an indicator health their ecosystem. Their decline-some to edge extinction-foretells bigger story: that planet’s peril. In series remarkable journeys, Brian Payton travels world search eight remaining bear species. Along way, he confronts poachers jungles Cambodia, witnesses cruelty bile trade China, delves into politics panda sex. From reclusive spectacled Peru man-eating sloth India, captures power beauty these fascinating creatures while exploring unique place within very different cultures. Vivid characters, exotic landscapes, deft storytelling make for unforgettable trek down braided path