The Book ChookThe Book of Australian

We’ve all got wacky families, it’s just that some are wackier than others – find out how families can be in the sixth book of this hilarious series. – Drackie is no ordinary kid. He lives on Vampire Island, where every night dark and stormy. Soon he’ll old enough to turn into a bat live his own castle. has had best birthday ever. His parents have given him what he’s always secretly wished for toad. And not any toad, vampire called Fang. then unthinkable happens, Fang toad-napped ransom $100,000 asked by International Society toad thieves. only clue bright pink feather. A leads Auntie Chook. But who Chook? why doesn’t anyone Drackie’s family wish talk about her?

Selection of poetry from the last 100 years, providing a series pictures Australian life and landscape.

The English language arrived in Australia with the first motley bunch of European settlers on 26 January 1788. Today there is clearly a distinctive Australian regional dialect its own place among global family ‘Englishes’. How did this come about? Where pattern, accent, and verbal inventions that make up Aussie from? A lively narrative, book tells story birth, rise triumphant progress colourful dingo lingo we know today as English.