The Black Cauldron

The peaceful land of Prydain is under threat. evil Lord Annuvin using the dark magic Black Cauldron to create a terrifying army deathless warriors. must be destroyed, and Taran joins Prince Gwydion his faithful knights, Ellidyr Adaon, in this perilous quest. desperate wear first sword prove worth amongst such noble men. But their adventure will demand great sacrifices, as each warrior fulfils destiny totally unexpected ways. second book Lloyd Alexander’s classic fantasy epic Chronicles Prydain. “Lloyd Alexander true High King fantasy.” – Garth Nix A Newbery Honour Book 1966

“Taran, the gallant Assistant Pig-keeper, and his companions once again fare forth to destroy evil that threatens their beloved country, Prydain…. A wise wondrous tale written in epic fashion.” –Booklist