Teddy Took the Train

Dot loves Teddy, and Teddy Dot. So when goes missing, she misses him a lot! But is brave bear. What wonderful adventures will he have rides away on the train? Will there be picnics? parties? time for nap? And most importantly, find his way home to – or never see again? A thoroughly delightful picture book about courage, resilience imagination.

In the spring of 1919, after end First World War, teams pilots and navigators begin to gather on North American island Newfoundland. They are attempting what many believe be impossible – fly non-stop across Atlantic Ocean. Equipped with machines made mostly from wood, fabric wire, they intend 1,800 miles Ireland, in face merciless weather. John Alcock Arthur Whitten Brown late arrive. Competing against some Europe’s most famous pilots, these two British war veterans considered rank outsiders. Maggie McRory is a sixteen-year-old girl who sees gathering all aircraft their crews as chance escape her narrow existence. Her war-scarred uncle, however, views them threat his way life. This absurdly dangerous contest going change world .

Nick Sharman is in traction, hospitalised for four months, and desperate a distraction. Then Fiona arrives – topless model the tabloids who bullies him into convalescing her flat Camberwell… After his last disaster-ridden case, has promised himself quiet life. What he gets almost minute leg out of plaster more trouble. Emerald Watkins, king black south London ‘firm’, received tip-off that he’s about to be arrested after large stash cocaine found one lock-ups. He wants help nephew Teddy find who’s stitched up. As roams urban mayhem South search mystery man, turn bribed, shot at set up particularly gruesome murder… All night’s work.