Stick Dog Dreams of Ice

The Stick Dog series continues in author-illustrator Tom Watson’s hilarious Dreams of Ice Cream. In the follow-up to Dog, Wants a Hot and Chases Pizza, his pals are back, but this time temperature is rising they’re all feeling heat. They need cold, cold ice cream on hot, hot day. It will take Dog’s smarts guide friends scrumptious feast. They’ll battle water-attacking machine, discover rainbow puddles, chase strangest, loudest truck they’ve ever seen. But there’s looming threat their mission—Stick gets spotted by human. And police tail. If he’s captured, may never see again. he escapes, it’s for everyone. Perfect fans Big Nate, Diary Wimpy Kid, previous books.

In Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog, Tom Watson’s hilarious sequel to returns with the same crew of friends, and they’re hungrier than ever. As dogs embark on their quest for hot dogs, they learn not only ones mission—a band raccoons are following close behind, ravenous, too! this second book, his four Poo-Poo, Mutt, Stripes, Karen, must execute master plan stealing dogs. The closer get dog vendor, more difficult mission becomes. With antics, five met many challenges along way, including having distract frankfurter guy Karen getting locked in human’s house. No matter what, these have eyes—and stomachs—on prize.