Small StepsSmall Things

This collection of theological essays, spiritual meditations, public prayers, and biblical interpretations provides a focus, day by day, for contemplation reflection. By intention they are offered in media res, the midst cacophony chaos life particularly academic life. These pages markings along journey, on trail, thus perhaps signposts others coming same way. To some degree, responds to similar, recent publication 200-word daily selections from writings Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The assembly materials revisits favorite form an earlier Dean Marsh Chapel, Howard Thurman. Thurman easily regularly captured thought feeling assortment forms–prayer, sermon, hymn, poem, litany, sermon–and worried very little about repetitions or jostling inherent formal variety. Charles River follows after these similar works, is as resource those receiving offering, divine grace freedom, acceptance, forgiveness, pardon, love.

Grover Cleveland College is dying, and the shock too much for college’s founder president, Cyrus Cleveland—a direct descendant of President Cleveland—who begins to die in tandem with his school. In a last bid save beloved institution, he wills college nephew Marcus Cleveland, used car salesman New Jersey who has never been college, less administered one. heads north see what can do live up uncle’s expectations day. Facing impending calamity cheer, an incorrigibly sunny attitude, ample naivete, totally unprepared stew discontented faculty, internecine rivalries, unforeseen events that threaten upend every effort rescue school from threat extinction.

On July 20, 2012, twelve people were killed and fifty–eight wounded at a mass shooting in movie theater Colorado. In 1999, thirteen kids Columbine High School murdered by their peers. twenty children seven adults Sandy Hook Elementary. Thirty–two Virginia Tech. Twelve the Washington Navy Yard. May 2014, after posting YouTube video of “retribution” lamenting life “loneliness, rejection, unfulfilled desires,” lone gunman six Isla Vista. All these acts violence committed young men between ages eighteen thirty. Mass is now an epidemic. first fourteen school days there shootings, compared to twenty–eight shootings all 2013. The reasons behind this escalating violence, cultural forces that have impugned generation, subject important new book Spiral Notebook. New York Times–bestselling author Stephen Singular has often examined America his critically–acclaimed books. Here he teamed with wife Joyce for most work yet — one investigates why keeps producing twenty–something killers. Their reporting produced comprehensive look Aurora draws upon group left out discussion America: twenty–somethings themselves. While following legal proceedings shooting, Notebook full interviews Generation Z, dogged big pharma anti–depressants ADHD drugs, doomsday/apocalyptic mentality present since birth, entertainment industry turned into parlor games. Provocative eye–opening, glimpse are shaping future American youth, entire generation bathed