Regal Beagle

The funky canine crimefighters, MegaDog and Baywolf, are back in action with another exciting adventure. On the tropical island of OomPoppaMowMow, King Scooter, also known as Regal Beagle, has a serious problem. A volcano, Mount Blowachunka, will soon erupt destroy paradise. There is no way to stop it. But that not all. group nearby islands, three more volcanoes, Crackalittletoe, OoogaChaka Wockawockawocka set explode. If all four volcanoes at same time, cloud volcanic ash cover Earth block out Sun, turning planet into gigantic sphere ice. And if enough, crusaders have battle evil Queen Elvira, her wicked Doberman henchmen, Scratch Sniff, an angry monster made pure lava. Can Baywolf before they erupt? How canines fight beast molten lava? Will Elvira heroes can save world? Find this middle-grade Time get funky!

A classic tale of a beagle who would be Queen When the queen small kingdom dies without leaving an heir, mourning citizens are confused. Who will their next ruler? The royal scrolls state that if there is no heir – children, siblings, aunts or uncles queen’s best friend must take her place. It just so happens Lucy, beloved beagle. evil Lord Runcible furious at thought canine and plots to seize throne for himself. So begins battle wits between man dog. suspicious flea infestation, dog-napping icy cold dip in river all form part thrilling adventure. Will Lucy able prove people she worthy crown?

Gund, America’s oldest and most recognized stuffed-toy manufacturer, has produced millions of quality toys for more than one hundred years. Since Adolf Gund launched the company in Norwalk, Connecticut, 1898, prided itself on its founding values quality, workmanship, “huggability.” The photographs document significant events company’s history, including prestigious awards, lovable products, important people. was making stuffed bears four years before teddy became namesake President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. From Snuffles bear to Muttsy dog, these plush playthings fill homes hearts.