Phredde and the Vampire

Another spell-binding and spooky story starring Phredde, a fractious but fun-loving phaery, Bruce, mosquito-eating frog, Pru, an everyday-normal school girl – except that she lives in fairy castle, keeps pet piranhas, has werewolf for brother vampire teacher. AND EXCEPt now just inherited her very own mansion is the envy of ALL friends. Is this too good to be true? there something suspicous about Mr Nahsti, solicitor? Why do Phredde Pru’s best friends world, keep sneaking off Phaeryland without her? And most important: who stealing Pru s underpants? A hair-raising, spine-tingling GHOStLY tale phaeries, underpants adventure!

Find out just how wacky some families can be in the eighth book of this hilarious series. Fuzz and his family live at zoo. Fuzz’s dad is a blood-thirsty tiger, mum mud-cake-making rhinoceros, sister tap-dancing giraffe brothers pair somersaulting monkeys. makes great pocket-money pretending to polar bear, end each day take off their costumes. Well, most time, anyway. pa loves being bear so much he wants one! And when wins two tickets for cruise Arctic, things don’t quite turn as planned! Who mysterious girl with pointed ears? What are those strange jingle bells keeps hearing? How part-time bears cope real ones? Will Pa have eat raw fish forever? do reindeer really fly … what happens North Pole on amazing Arctic adventure Wacky Families Ages 7-10

BUStER LIVES IN tHE HAPPIESt WOLF CLAN AROUND. Dad can catch dried cow pats with his teeth, Mum’s corgi milkshakes are to die for (unless you happen be a corgi) and Aunty Paws mkes one of the best dead rat sandwich in world. One day Mum disappear without trace. Have Buster’s parents been wolfnapped? And now, Uncle Wal is leader pack. He wants clan move from Werewolf Mountain, Buster go SCHOOL! But has other plans… Find out what discovers as this thrilling hilarious adventure unfolds Wacky family series! Ages 7+