Nowhere to Hide

In this blood-chilling horror tale, a young boy faces unimaginable terror and carnage as he comes face to with the monster that has appeared in his dreams. Original.

Marissa Gray’s world was shattered when her best friend, Gretchen, brutally murdered. Back then, tried to convince authorities that Dillon Archer the killer. But eyewitness statement wasn’t enough—and disappeared. Now a successful journalist, is back help family during time of need. After years away from Aurora Falls, she finally feels past safe behind her. Until terrifying hooded figure causes Marissa’s car swerve off snow-slick road, nearly killing Once again, no one wants believe story—not sensible sister Catherine, and certainly not ex-fiancé Eric, who happens be town’s deputy chief police. other strange happenings are afoot…and sequence emerges in which old friends Gretchen’s start turning up dead. As desperately races uncover Falls’s secret history, someone two steps ahead, concealed every taunting clue—and waiting silence inconvenient witness forever…

“Do unto others . .” Carefully, he carves the words into their flesh. The victims are all young, brunette, pretty. But she’s one really wants. just a way to case rage that has festered for years, until only thing calms him is knife slicing through skin Detective September Rafferty-Nine her friends-recognizes artwork arrives in mail. She created it back second grade. Now killer’s slashed across what looks like blood. He knows her. September’s investigation leads cold classmate, Jake Westerly. wants believe innocent. trusting anyone could be last mistake Every slight, every slur, remembers them all. They turned monster, and now they will suffer it. Starting with September, he’ll show past can never stay hidden, time of vengeance at hand