My CountryMy Country

Who is Zhao Xun? For those around him, the answer to this question unclear. In KMT-occupied Kunming, Yunnan Province, a mist of uncertainty has already filled air, and false names have become norm. With city’s liberation at hands Communist Army, trend only intensifies. My Country, Blood traces life story former KMT officer who spends his entire living in Yunnan. It relays stories opera troupes operating behind frontlines, student groups resisting tyrannical governments, reshuffling social order that followed Chinese Civil War. Grand scope, pushes through period establishing new government clear time healing marked by China’s Opening Up world. Along way, you will slowly piece together puzzle shifting pseudonyms, discovering characters actually are complicated, twisting paths bring them amid throes war. Painting vibrant picture how China came be what it today, war, revolution, healing. As gripping as informative, fiction truly gem modern literature.

Canada is usually seen in the United States as cold, worthy, safe and rather dull, a land of unparalleled opportunity failure, country heights abysses. Your Country, My Country argues that Canadians Americans resemble each other more than either would care to admit.