Moon Bear Rescue

This story of a moon bear called Star, describes his rescue from cruel life where he was milked for bile to make Chinese medicine.

For years Jasper, a moon bear, lived miserable existence, held captive in cage by bear farmers rural China. The extracted the bile from Jasper’s body and sold it to be used traditional medicines. It’s horrific practice conducted on thousands of bears each year. But now Jasper has chance free live life away pain torture. In 2000, Animals Asia, an animal welfare organization, rescued other bears, taking them its Moon Bear Rescue Centre. Here veterinarians attended bears’ wounds, hoping give some peaceful existence sanctuary. after so many abuse both physical mental, are extensive. Can mend his mind finally enjoy he was meant live?

Early in the morning, high mountains of China, a large black figure appears. It’s magnificent Asiatic bear, otherwise known as moon bear. His name is Moonie. He has happy life. friend Eddie eagle and his brother Erwin like to play jokes on him. Their fun ends when they discover humans area. Hungry for food bears hide behind rocks. They get nasty surprise. Moonie gets caught net taken bear farm. A terrifying ordeal. want rescue Two children also know what happened. other with help Animals Asia. Then escapes. Joined by he goes mission find bears. An adventure ups downs. At their final destination, finds something very special. The story read. same time you learn about endangered bears, how live, eat more. When buy this book, support Asia Foundation.