MischiefThe Girl Who Fell into a

An overnight sensation for her 1943 comedic role as “The Girl Who Falls Down” in the groundbreaking musical Oklahoma!, McCracken established prototype dancer-comedienne, headlining ballet, stage, film, and television productions before life was tragically cut short by complications from diabetes. Author Lisa Jo Sagolla draws on extensive interviews with McCracken’s friends, family, colleagues to paint a complex portrait of petite, blue-eyed, sprightly entertainer woman exploiting mesmerizing beauty magnetism succeed man’s world entertainment, yet always retaining persona childlike pixie she portrayed stage. comic exuberance athleticism also epitomized new ballet form that married European ideas aristocratic grace movement uniquely American spirit style. From beginnings Philadelphia New York, meteoric rise fame, long struggle little understood devastating effects diabetes, The Fell Down chronicles spirited poignant life, including training at Balanchine’s seminal School Ballet, blossoming “ravishing talent” “crackerjack dance technique” under Agnes de Mille, supremacy performer, marriages novelist Jack Dunphy (who left Truman Capote,) Bob Fosse, ultimate diagnosis heart disease. Touching inspiring, Sagolla’s account describes lasting influence through nurturing husband Fosse’s provocative career, dramatic coaching actress Shirley MacLaine, inspiration many dancer-comediennes followed — Gwen Verdon, Carol Haney, Sandy Duncan, name few. Rich social cultural history golden age show business teeming colorful choreographers, dancers, entertainers, this comprehensive carefully researched biography will introduce Joan audience enthusiasts.

“Stranger than Fiction – Being Tales from the Byways of Ghosts and Folk-Lore” is a fascinating treatise on folk tales ghost stories, particularly those originating in Wales, United Kingdom. With interesting historical information detailed descriptions common tales, this book highly recommended for modern readers with an interest folk-lore myth. Contents include: “Introductory, “Welsh Ghosts”, (continued)”, “Other “Corpse-Candles Toili”, Toili Fairies”, “Wise Men, Witches, Family Curses”, “Odd Notes”, “Conclusion”. Many vintage books such as are becoming increasingly scarce expensive. We republishing volume now affordable, high-quality edition designed audience.

Mischief, the fairy, seeks to teach a little girl named Sara, who’s very shy, that she will always have friends no matter where goes in life as long believes herself and magic of imagination. Her father is service, they move lot. When you believe magic, all things are possible. You just yourself. That magic.