MidnightTwentieth Century Girl:

You’ll get a first-hand look at the life of woman doctor balancing career and family—exemplifying 20th century phenomenon. Dr. Eikleberry’s autobiography chronicles one mid-western, middle-class woman’s in rapidly changing for women. learn what it was like to grow up on farm Missouri, attend room school, graduate high school end WWII, compete against college Greeks via an Independent Society. She started medical as two women class forty-four subsequently lost peace tranquility. Polio dominated her first private practice Iowa. Soon she had four children began juggler, juxtaposing family. moved with physician husband across western United States; experienced sexual harassment work military derision from fellow physicians cut costs Department Public Assistance. Her ended Colorado. Children now nearly grown, Bill embarked more recreational family project: building log cabin remote Rocky Mountains. tells heart-wrenching story losing their son schizophrenia, baffling frightening mental illness. In conclusion, takes you into doctor’s mind, illustrating how too much money spent health care when less would have done, pointing out many shades gray medicine, stressing value clinical judgment.

The Collected Stories Volume 5: Palace At Midnight (1980 – 1982) Winner of multiple Hugo and Nebula Awards, Robert Silverberg is one the all time greats science fiction. A professional writer for more than half a century, his short story output has been prolific exceptional in quality. This series nine volumes will collect stories novella-length that SF Grand Master wants to take their place on permanent shelf. Each volume be roughly 150,000-200,000 words, with classics lesser known gems alike. author also graced us lengthy introduction extensive notes each tale. Contents: Our Lady Sauropods Waiting Earthquake Regulars Far Side Bell-Shaped Curve Thousand Paces Along Via Dolorosa How They Pass Time Pelpel at Man Who Floated Gianni Pope Chimps Thesme Ghayrog Conglomeroid Cocktail Party Trouble Sempoanga Jennifer’s Lover Not Brother Gate Horn, Ivory Dancers Time-Flux Needle Timestack Amanda Alien Snake Ocean, Ocean Changeling Basileus Homefaring

“The first comprehensive resource on this important topic, set covers the origins of homelessness, current research, and strategies for its prevention. The contributors represent such disciplines as sociology, anthropology, medicine, social work. Articles address homelessness in eight major American cities more than 30 nations around world. Adding depth are bibliographies, a directory street newspapers, filmography, 20 primary-source documents offering historical contemporary perspectives.”–“Reference that rocks,” Libraries, May 2005.