Meet Katie at the Beach

Hi! I’m Katie. I have a wobbly tooth that won’t come out! But it’s not going to spoil my trip the beach. We’re eat mangoes and play beach cricket!

Here continues the story of Kathleen Believer, her friends, King Kaevin, Faerie Tempest Kingdom, and those who fought to keep fey alive wished see them dead. Kath has finally taken on responsibilities as but best friends Katie Keath won’t let fight faerie hunters alone. Unfortunately is half so just being near a hunter can be enough make him collapse, only human. finds it difficult trust in his own abilities when family seem fear for life. The past rears up confront him, lies father told truth about life begin unravel left troubled confused. His pushes more than ever before against genes figure out if he strong overcome weaknesses become weapon many people think could be. Danger destruction seems follow everywhere one most dangerous she crossed comes back into life, struggles own. She never been tell truth, habit lying hard break. can’t deal with intense relationship Kaevin. hiding sneaking around begins wear down isn’t sure love anymore. Kaevin once again surrounded by cruelty darkness kingdom Tempest, this time work harder save new from danger threatening destroy all, or risk losing thing keeping kingdom. Don’t miss other Believer Novels: Believers 01 – Emerald Fae 03 Broken Beauty 04 Iron Belief