Lucas and Jack

Every week Lucas’ mum visits Great Grandpop at the nursing home. And every Lucas waits for her outside. Waiting is boring! Until meets Jack. Jack tricky and fun, he a great storyteller. & book introducing young children to idea that old people can be fun deep down we have more in common than think. More importantly encourages ask questions, curious, imaginative empathetic.

While resisting eviction from the Queensland family property at start of Great Depression, Emma McKenna’s father is shot dead. left destitute, with her crippled mother and twelve-year-old twin brothers to care for. But she not easily defeated fights back.In struggle survive must overcome, heartless wealthy relatives, racial bigotry, child abuse, corrupt financiers choose between love two very different men: one a Sydney lawyer involved New Guard, paramilitary anti-communist movement, other, persecuted penniless left-wing activist.The Light Horseman’s Daughter offers panoramic view Australia in 1930’s †big landowners outback, bankers who supported them, well-heeled elite Sydney’s affluent eastern suburbs, abject poverty victims idealists joined International Brigade Spanish Civil War .This award-winning novel weaves all this into riveting story human element its heart. McKenna heroine remember