Just Like Daddy

Little Bear wants to be like his dad—but mom has a fun skill share too in this reissue of classic picture book from celebrated and award-winning author illustrator Frank Asch. loves do everything daddy does. When Daddy yawns, dresses, eats, fishes, uses bait, so does Bear, just father. But when the whole family goes fishing, catches big fish…just Mommy! This refreshed edition beloved features original text art with an updated cover.

This book reflects on the fun and enjoyment that children virtually everywhere have with their grandparents not just grandma. These are memorable times had special bonding nana. also filled gap when parents to work. And as an added bonus loved trusted own parent children.

This is a story of L.A. life….the hustle & struggle two young men, and the life changing decision they’re left to make. African-American, Romeo Jackson… Mexican American, Romero Ramirez grow up in Los Angeles challenged by neighborhood struggles society’s expectations on different sides our racial palisade. although these men are culturally, they yet share similar destructive addictions L.A.’s gang lifestyle, search money, power, respect. With only one truly positive goal common that’s raising their sons be more than just another Black product Angeles’ trend. They will bond as brothers survive “The Game”….All while, watchful eyes impressionable souls pay close attention….