If Wishes Were Horses

The cry for help came at night, during final roundup. But nothing could prevent Conner Calhoun from rescuing his brother’s widow and her two children. From the moment he’d laid eyes on Abigail, wanted her, but she wasn’t to have. And now moved forbidden love onto ranch, where secret between them had nowhere hide…. Every time he tousled Cody’s hair, every cuddled little Miss Sarah, was reminded of impossible wishes…and a gift given out love. honor demanded not claim own what never meant be-unless, course, Abby same thing….

If wishes were horses, that would explain all the horse manure. Caprice Rydell makes a wish, flips coin into fountain and her life changes. Her father is bigamist if isn’t embarrassing enough, it happens in front of Mill Crocker, gorgeous captain school polo team. thinks she’s adorable but wishing reality he got what she wants. In panic to right everything, Cap wants reset back normal again by getting wet little hand. One more problem. Just how can find among thousands fountain?

Already struggling to come terms with the tragic death of her husband, Sophie Bryant nearly loses own life while attending a domestic dispute as paramedic. Diagnosed mild form post-traumatic stress disorder, decides accept posting remote township Hilsons Ridge. Soon after arrival, on whim buy an old house outskirts town. There, she discovers diary light horse trooper from First World War, which finds fascinating. Local vet, Zac Conway, is also in wake losing his partner. So when brings abandoned him for treatment and they get know each other, surprised feel emotions he never hoped experience again. The peace tranquillity living new community sees gradually recovering trauma grief. As more about farm’s history, realises that past present are irrevocably connected and, just like love, it waits right person along unlock its secrets. If Wishes Were Horses totally captivating novel combining romance history dash suspense.