How to Make a Bird

This fascinating text contains a comprehensive step by guide pertaining to the preparation and preservation of bird skin be used in taxidermy. Containing all information necessary for such an endeavour written accessible manner, this handbook is perfect amateur taxidermist constitutes great addition any collection taxidermic literature. book has been elected modern republication due its timelessly educational value, proudly republished here with new introduction subject. Elliott Coues (1842 – 1899) was American historian, army surgeon, ornithologist, author, whose notable works include New England Bird Life (1881) Birds Colorado Valley (1878).

“An engaging and inspiring comprehensive guide.” —Booklist “A great benefit of creating a bird-friendly landscape is enjoying your garden while watching bluebird dropping in for worm freshly dug patch, phoebe snapping at insects, or hummingbird probing nectar-rich flowers robins sing the trees.” With right native plants, arranged to mimic natural ecosystems, you will provide birds with food, water, shelter, nesting places. Instead just visiting snack, call it home! George Adams offers close-up profiles from across all regions North America teach their nesting, breeding, feeding habits along guidance regional plant selection design.