Happy Camper!

A hilarious memoir of her experiences at a run-down, unsupervised summer camp in 1974 describes young girl’s adventures the backwoods Maine during eight unforgettable and life-changing weeks with an eccentric group friends as she searches for perfect boyfriend dreams first kiss. Reprint.

In the fourth book of Jeanie & Genie series, and Willow’s camping adventure puts their friendship to test! is so excited take her best friend, Willow, for very first time. And she even promises won’t grant any wishes during trip! Willow a genie, after all. But then meets Jeanie’s friends, Becca Bonnie Berriman. The twins aren’t nice they hog all attention, finds herself wishing that would just go away. problem is…the Berrimans do Has accidentally made disappear?! With easy-to-read language illustrations on almost every page, chapter books are perfect beginning readers.

Like all adventurous cowgirls, Nellie Sue loves to go camping–and it’s time try her skills in the wild outdoors. But, when night falls and woods come alive with creaking noises, these happy campers aren’t so anymore! must use biggest cowgirl courage make it through a smile on face. With playful, simple text super sweet ending, this Level 2 reader is perfect choice for children beginning read.