Go To Sleep, Jessie

If only Jessie would lie down. she go to sleep. But nothing will settle her … except maybe a little sisterly know-how.

Born in a drafty house, Jessie, the firstborn of Mary and her abusive husband, Bill, was born for better things. Throughout childhood, she tells stories that enable to escape into own made-up world. She cares siblings manages establish lifelong friendships. As teenager, parents divorce, Jessie begins experience days without need weigh every action or word. no longer fears night soft footsteps once came bedside. Because capacity forgiveness compassion, refuses be victim. Later, is reunited with high school friend who becomes man makes frightening memories dissolve distant shadows hover at outer fringes mind but are rarely allowed in. wife mother, again turns storytelling not as way father’s cruelty entertain teach children. introduces them characters leave wanting more appreciating what they have. weaves make-believe reality create tapestry lasting make bedtime time savored.