Funny Kid Stand Up

FROM THE AUTHOR OF NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER, FUNNY KID FOR PRESIDENT! Being funny is a good gig and it’s pretty much the only thing Max Walburt at. At least he thinks he’s at it . takes being very seriously. home, Chief-Walburt-Entertainer (CWE) school, kid. So when Redhill Talent Quest comes to town, confident that his jokes will make everyone laugh, win him competition ten-million-pound book deal. That until Tumbles Clown auditions, who hilarious. But strange clown why was hiding in bush on day granddad kidnapped? With help of temporary best friend life coach, Hugo, solve mystery grandfather’s whereabouts overcome pressures fame entertaining? For fans Diary Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates Big Nate, STAND UP, hilarious sequel series. By bestselling children’s author, Matt Stanton.

In July 2017, the first Funny Kid novel debuted as #1 Australian kids’ book in market; now Max’s adventures continue much-anticipated sequel! Because every kid loves to laugh. For fans of Diary a Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates and Big Nate, FUNNY KID is mega-bestseller from author-illustrator Matt Stanton. Every wants laugh, Max boy who can make it happen. Or he used be. But something terrible has happened seems have lost his funny! Now ‘Un-Funny Kid’, right when he’s trying win town talent quest! Heckling clowns, kidnapped grandpas, giant dogs called Steve, bungled police operations greatest stand-up comedy routine all time are just some things store for Max, Hugo, Abby Duck on their brand new adventure. Will real please stand up!

Big Nate meets Timmy Failure in Funny Kid #2: Stand Up, the second book an uproarious new middle grade series by Matt Stanton, Australia’s bestselling children’s author. Max may not be strongest, or smartest, handsomest kid his class—but he well funniest! Except when Max’s classroom joke lands flat, suddenly becomes Un-Funny Kid! The only way to make everyone forget comedy catastrophe is for him win town talent quest with very own stand-up routine. ready bring gold audition, but thanks a heckling clown, can’t even remember first joke! With help of best friend Hugo and their feathered pet, Duck, thinks has everything needs come up greatest routine all time—but will it enough? need advice can get prove that who laugh! Stanton brings veteran chops this hilarious series, perfect early readers looking side-splitting laughs!