Ferocious Wild Beasts

A wonderfully witty and utterly charming story about fear. Jack is lost in the forest—a forest that his mom has told him full of ferocious wild beasts! But creatures meets there seem perfectly friendly to him, even if they are a bit worried beasts he’s been telling them . then hear terrible roar Who can it be? Award-winning author-illustrator Chris Wormell’s illustrations delightfully clever text combine make for perfect bedtime reading.

This annotated bibliography, with descriptions of nearly 700 books representing more than 70 countries, provides stories that will help children understand our differences while simultaneously demonstrating common humanity.

A fabulously illustrated bedtime story from Chris Wormell, with a big, reassuring hug of an ending. When Molly wakes up in the middle night, she hears sound step on stairs. It could be crocodile creeping to catch her. . Or giant giraffe outside landing. enormous elephant turning doorknob and opening door. even night monster come gobble her up. But when surprises tiptoeing beast, gets bigger surprise own! From Hardcover edition.