Ellie’s Dragon

No friendship is imaginary. When Ellie very little, she finds a newborn dragon fresh from the egg on supermarket shelf, and calls him Scratch. He quite sweetest thing has ever seen! From that day on, Scratch do everything together. Ellie’s mum her teacher can’t see fiery friend, but all friends can – and, over years, grows to be big, house-trained, affectionate. And growing, too… A moving story about wonders of imagination nature growing up one Australia’s most revered bookmakers.

With Calvin and Hobbes appeal, a boy his “pet” dragon take the school hamster home, to hilarious results! Warren is seven-year-old boy. Dragon part stuffed animal, fierce dragon, best friend–depending what you believe most. And Chewy class hamster. So when it’s Warren’s turn home for weekend, isn’t so sure idea. Do dragons hamsters mix? Not well, it turns out, especially are more interested in making cool stuff with their new friends than taking care of rodent–until disappears. Oh no!