DuckDuck Down

DANGEROUS DANA is a Mystery/Suspense/Thriller about young gorgeous Caribbean woman living in New York who gets revenge by killing people, secret double life as murderer. involves chasings, fistfights, chokings, stalkings, arrests, jail time, prison time and series of murders. Dana not the kind person goes around looking for trouble, but if it happens to come her way or any member family’s way, she will become psychopath respond with violence. fights like boxer very well known breaking people’s bones when fights. She believes fighting fire fire. Is savior, psycho? vigilante, homicidal maniac?

Encouraged by his daughter, Gary Kain began writing about all those things in life that were memorable to him. Known as GrandGary Ryan, Savannah, and Shelby, he passes on lessons grandchildren hopes they will learn tells story after from childhood Illinois the present time California.