Dollar NoseTyger! Tyger!

”A pleasure to read….Hoyt offers a fascinating guided tour of the Asian black market in bones and other parts endangered species.”—The Washington Post In forests world, mighty tiger is disappearing. A symbol virility power, its are principal ingredient traditional homeopathic medicines—and worth hundreds dollars per pound on market. The latest threat these magnificent creatures well-organized profiteering ring that trying corner by systematically exterminating all wild tigers. Western diplomatic efforts economic sanctions have failed laughably against simple human greed indifference. Bribery corruption rampant, leaving CITES (the Convention International Trade Endangered Species) desperately fighting for lost cause. But when law falls short justice, there men like James Burlane, Mixed Enterprises, former CIA agent who specializes delicate international cases. Following leads from Germany way Philippines, Burlane finds he not just up poachers. killer women stalks night, with twisted fire his eyes, sensuously painting naked victims buff-orange luscious stripes before dread hand seizes knife. “Hoyt has fresh, invigorating style grabs reader immediately. He master.”—The New York Times “[Tyger! Tyger!] divides world into predators prey, those eat go hungry. raffish story pricks our consciences about issues which may be no solution but compassion—and curbing appetites.”—Portland Oregonian