Disorganised HELP

The Amazingly Disorganised Help Dictionary is a scrapbook of my brain; how I use lack concentration and hyperactivity to be creative, come up with ideas NEVER GIVE UP. It contains random relatable lists, hot tips, advice, activities, stories from past, info about got started on YouTube, lots LOLs so much more! Hopefully this book will make you laugh, but also help see that everyone’s brain works differently your so-called weaknesses can really gifts.

Thea Slocombe is struggling to entertain her stepchildren through the long summer holiday while husband Drew works, so she keenly accepts a new job house-sitting in Barnsley, near Bibury. However, commission proves be far from relaxing when stumbles across woman hiding among some bushes. The woman’s story thin and incoherent, but agrees offer sanctuary for night. When guest found dead next morning turns police help, their preoccupation with major animal trafficking investigation means effectively on own. As digs deeper into deceased’s background, discovers tangled web of lies, secrets at least three very likely suspects …