A thirteen-year-old girl seemingly destined for a modeling career finds she has deformation of the spine called scoliosis.

Being a teenager can be tricky. Especially when you have VERY pushy mum. ‘I hate it my mother brags about me and sister. “Deenie’s the beauty Helen’s brain.”‘ Mrs Fenner has very fixed ambitions for her daughters. Deenie is thirteen years old gorgeous. Her wants to model – but Deenie’s not so sure. So she’s diagnosed with scoliosis curvature of spine almost relieved. No more traipsing round modelling agencies, no living up mother’s expectations. But she wear an ugly, uncomfortable back brace next four years. And convinced that will put end normal teenage life including blossoming relationship Buddy Brader . With bright yellow cover, bestselling author Judy Blume’s classic novel pressures looking perfect.

A collection of personal essays by popular young adult and women’s fiction writers considers the ways in which books Judy Blume influenced their emotional, social, physical developments.