Deadly Unna?

‘Deadly, unna?’ He was always saying that. All the Nungas did, but Dumby more than any of them. Red and Blacky don’t have a lot in common. Dumby’s star footy team, he’s got killer smile knack with girls, Nunga. Blacky’s gutless wonder, needs braces, never knows what to say, white. But they’re friends… it could be deadly, unna? This gutsy novel, set small coastal town South Australia is rites-of-passage story about two boys confronting depth racism that exists all around

Given the substantial impact of feminism on children’s literature and culture during last quarter century, it comes as no surprise that gender studies have focused predominantly issues female representation. The question how same patriarchal ideology structured representations male bodies behaviors was until very recently a marginal discussion. Now masculinity has emerges an overt theme in film, critical consideration subject is timely, if not long overdue Ways Being Male addresses this new concern unprecedented collection essays examining contemporary debates about are reflected fiction film for young adults. An outstanding team scholars elucidates ways which different versions identity constructed presented to audiences. contributors, drawn from variety academic disciplines, employ international discourses literary criticism, feminism, social sciences, theory, psychoanalytic queer theory their wide-ranging exploration With its illuminating array perspectives, pioneering survey brings neglected into sharp focus.