Daisy’s Quest

A fairy isn’t born with wings. She has to earn them. When Queen Jasmine sends Daisy on the Fairy Quest it will take all her wit and magic succeed. But what if succeeding means letting someone else down? Will make right decision? WILDERNESS FAIRIES tiny world of in Australian bush

English Studies in the 21st Century presents results of recent academic research concerning a wide spectrum subjects—including politics, psychology, religion, philosophy, history, culture, aesthetics, and education—related to literary, cultural, language studies. Specifically, this collection includes scholarly reflections, interpretations, criticisms, experiments that both strengthen challenge dominant perspectives on literary tradition contribute multifaceted discussion contemporary drama theater, theory fiction, Neo-Victorianism, Anthropocene, posthumanism, interdisciplinary studies English, including linguistics ELT. The book will be an ideal reference for academics students.

The Canadian Prairie has long been represented as a timeless and unchanging location, defined by settlement landscape. Now, new generation of writers historians challenge that perception argue, instead, it is region with an evolving culture history. This collection ten essays explores more contemporary prairie identity, reconfigures “the prairie” construct non-linear diverse, responding to the impact geographical, historical, political currents. These explore connections between document imagination, history culture, geography time.The subjects range widely: structure Carol Shield’s Stone Diaries; Aberhart’s Social Credit, Marshall McLuhan, Mesopotamian myth on Robert Kroetsch’s postmodernism; role in poems; connection cultural tourism heritage; theme regeneration Margaret Laurence’s Manawaka writing; influence imagination Thomas Wharton’s Icefields; effects alpine climber pre-WWII ideological concepts time individualism.