Cry of the Karri

In the mid 1800s legal immigrants entered United States by hundreds; illegal slave trade flourished; and Native Americans discovered gold on their own lands. 1835, President Andrew Jackson signed an order that forcibly removed all Indians from lands in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Carolinas; they were to be western frontier, leaving homes possessions behind. The passed Congress just one vote. Chief Justice of Supreme Court John Marshall objected; he demanded rescind order, but refused. spring 1838, sent General Winfield Scott Georgia with orders build stockades would house awaiting removal only land life had ever known. first book a planned trilogy, Cry Blood introduces exciting dramatic cast characters beginning McCarrons Australia, Carvers Germany, Kewahnees West Africa. With its passions love hate, agony forgiveness, it offers colorful adventure story put time frame early 1800’s American history.

Vols. 8-10 of the 1965-1984 master cumulation constitute a title index.