Christmas Crackers

Yes, they make us groan and roll our eyes plead “e;Stop!”e;, but corny Christmas cracker jokes still laugh! Here are 101 of the best, worst cheesiest for festive season, guaranteed to go with a bang!

For over forty years, John Julius Norwich has been sending out his Christmas Crackers – a personal collection of quirky quotes and literary odds ends to friends instead card. In The Illustrated Cracker Quentin Blake made own selection favourite pieces illustrated them in trademark style. From curious dictionary definitions (‘Carphology. Delirious fumbling with the bedclothes,’ Concise Oxford Dictionary) tortuous palindromes (‘Live dirt up side-track carted is putrid evil’) eighteenth-century accounts drunken pigs Benjamin Franklin’s account inventing bifocals, this cracker stuffed surprising, offbeat, often hilarious gems. Enlivened by Blake’s witty illustrations, book perfect stocking-filler for discerning customer.