Captains’ Clash

When stranded on the fringe of a crumbling Empire, how do you defend what really matters? A time trials, war and terror is coming to desert city M’Dahz, Empire’s southernmost outpost. As Imperial power falters, then withdraws, population lives in constant fear invasion by vicious Pelasian satraps. Meanwhile, brothers Samir Ghassan, their childhood friend Asima, are about discover that while people can change world, world also people. They must follow separate paths – as courtesan, naval officer, pirate yet destinies forever intertwined. unexpected alliances, dangerous jealousies betrayals awaits them… Dark Empress heart-stopping journey land sea through deception, scheming, surprising valour. Reminiscent C. S. Forester, Simon Scarrow, Conn Iggulden, this historical fantasy at its enthralling best.

Following the success of first volume, volume 2 describes more classic novels, short stories, plays and poems in a detailed user friendly style. It is refreshing book that will give doctors new perspective on doctor-patient relationship.

‘When I want to know the real rock-bottom truth about what happens all time in this doctoring life, us, and folks who bring us their hearts worries be heard, that’s when turn, every time, novelists, playwrights, poets, essayists, have given sights sounds, feel, of that goes on, minute by minute. What Tolstoy Chekhov knew, we need for ourselves, our own sakes, as live out medical lives.’ William Carlos Williams ‘The most fundamental consulting skills is genuine curiosity other people, constant urge wonder ‘Why are they are?’ We should open minds life imagination not just its entertainment value, but mindset it engenders us. Such books John Salinsky describes his previous volume combine powerful opportunities professional growth with pleasure recreation too.’ Roger Neighbour Foreword ‘This carefully assembled, wonderfully telling book a “companion,” sure, lasting helpful one, travelling awaits us.’ Robert Coles Foreword.