Brucie Saves Christmas!

‘All the other kangaroos, Thought him rather shy and small. They didn’t think poor Brucie, Could be any help at all . .’ Brucie joey loves reading books doing science reports-how can he Santa fly ute on Christmas Eve? But when a catastrophe occurs that will surely prevent from delivering presents, must use his smarts to save day! Come along for ride with team of roos in this funny sweet tale.

In Bruce the Fire Dog Saves Christmas, North Pole Toy Factory burns down just fifteen days before Christmas. The Dalmatian fire dog named and all residents of must work out a plan to get toys made delivered on time! Did you ever hear other eleven famous reindeer who talk fly? They are owned by Santa’s neighbor, Bob, Scottish elf. With Bob’s help, Santa help deliver over world greatest day love compassion has seen. For information about “Bruce Christmas”, please go

This is a classically magical Christmas book based on the wonderful idea that Santa has special watch slows down time so he can deliver all his presents around world. It everything from pathos of Charles Dickens’s Tiny Tim (in this case deaf boy who sacrifices precious hearing aid to help fix Santa’s watch), intrigue watchmaker racing meet deadline, and snow-filled world books like THE POLAR EXPRESS.