Book about Adoption and

In a kid-friendly, accessible way, this book explores the ways that people can choose to come together make family by showing one perspective on adoption experience. We Belong Together is about sharing your home and heart belongs together. With an understanding of how personal unique each is, not everyone comes it in same Todd Parr’s colorful art meaning family.

Every Family is Created by God forms families in many different ways and sizes, but all are equally important special. When adopted son Calvin needs to tell about his family for a class assignment, he discovers parents were praying him long before they chose him. Not only that, them Calvin. It wasn’t chance it an accident. was according His plan. We Chose You written communicate children, whether birthed or adopted, that chosen. That secure. loved. This message every child hear. Let this book give you the words your family’s unique story.

A vibrant and touching children’s picture book about foster care, adoption growing up in a diverse family. We Love You Hundreds Thousands enables children who are fostered adopted to frame their identity positive way from very young age. Written by an adoptee is now mother, this story belonging having strong sense of self. The aims promote security self confidence adopted. Embedded it special message for them ─ you loved enormously. This unique also window into the life family insight bond between child or adoptive parents. It will support parents, families, friends, classrooms communities talk care open loving way. Why does Jasmine always have hundreds thousands at her birthday parties what makes super special? You’re invited some best find out… In Thousands, shows us that it’s simple things make extra happy being wonderful thing! so delight adults alike. So come on fun-loving romp through Jasmine’s see awesome! About Author Dara Read was born Australia 80s mum dad love as much she does. Did we mention loves parties? She does, especially if can dance! lives beach Sydney with Her favourite cuddles kids, ocean almost anything sparkles. On more serious side, writer social justice lawyer. has worked lawyer youth worker. been senior ministerial adviser out-of-home care. For info, Praise “When I first read overwhelmed. Never had which spoke contemporary permanent well. Through my networks parents often hear primarily school struggling telling friends they don’t live birth These themselves just like all other proud are. But know how react. speaks those children. friends. biological share connections care.” – Kelly Hope (age 6), Abigail 3) Stevie