Birdie in the Sky

As a black youth of the post war baby boom generation author struggled with secret rage and confused life view that fueled his self-destructive rebellion desertion from Marine Corps in 1967. His cross country trek ended skid row rescue mission Los Angeles, Ca. There 17-year-old fugitive was forced to confront personal demons. Mr. Ingram’s odyssey redemption led discovery saving affirming principals. introduction Primitive Christian practice Meditation, taught by Angeles preacher foundation, began journey self-discovery awakening. The answers mysteries were never more needed than during our present age loud competing voices pressure control us. This book is for anyone interested clues true purpose life. Is there real moral compass? What your Identity? It’s church goers unchurched, all religious believers, spiritual seekers, skeptics.

You’ve played Over the Waterfall, marched along to Soldier’s Joy and perhaps even found your fortune while trotting on that Old Spotted Pony.Now it’s time take next step; beyond waterfall land of lesser-played tunes. Inside this volume are 40 challenging, unusual, interesting dare I say-extraordinary As it includes standard notation, clawhammer banjo tablature, suggested chords fiddle bow markings, book is truly suitable for anyone. A number old-time songs also include lyrics, so you can sing these great in style. Most tunes notes about their history recording references areprovided if wish hear how they were sung way back when. encourage do that. It may jump start stalled music collection or as some folks say, a new one

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