An Ordinary Day

A collection of previously unpublished stories by the late author ranges from her college writings to chilling tales she wrote before death

After a decade of elegant pleasures and luxe living with the Atlanta brothers sisters best clothes biggest dreams, Ava Johnson has temporarily returned home to Idlewild—her fabulous career power plans smashed bits by cold reality. But what she imagines be end is, instead, beginning. Because, in ten-plus years since left, all problems big city have come roost sleepy North Michigan community whose ordinariness once drove her away; cannot turn back on friends family who sorely need face impending trouble tragedy. Besides which, that one unthinkable, unmistakable thing is now happening her: falling love. Acclaimed playwright, essayist, New York Times bestselling author, columnist Pearl Cleage created world rich character, human drama, deep, compassionate understanding, remarkable novel sizzles sensuality, hums gritty truth, sings crackles life-affirming energy.

Two plays written by the Italian farceur, Dario Fo, in conjunction with his wife and fellow-performer. Both start breakdown of a relationship deal fate women society which both social system they live its dominant ideology are shaped men.