After Dark in the Garden

Have you seen any creatures in your garden? Backyards can provide habitats for many animals. Each title this wonderful series provides information on 12 animals that live or visit Australia gardens. Children find out what these eat, eats them and where they might be found – as well interesting facts about their life cycles. The books feature large colour photographs clear text, explanations of key words the scientific name each animal pictured. Suitable 6+ year olds.

Between 1660 and 1820, Great Britain experienced significant structural transformations in class, politics, economy, print, writing that produced new varied spaces with them, reconfigured concepts of gender. In mapping the relationship between gender space British literature period, this collection defines, charts, explores cartographies, both geographic figurative. The contributors take up a variety genres discursive frameworks from including poetry, early novel, letters, laboratory notebooks written by authors ranging Aphra Behn, Hortense Mancini, Isaac Newton to Frances Burney Germaine de Staël. Arranged three groups, Inside, Outside, Borderlands, essays conduct targeted literary analysis explore changing different kinds long eighteenth century. addition, set on Charlotte Smith’s novels natural philosophy offer case studies for exploring issues within larger fields, such as an author’s oeuvre or particular discourse. Taken together, demonstrate space’s agency complement historical change they how delineates gendered redefinition, occupation, negotiation, inscription, creation spaces, crucially contributing construction cartographies eighteenth- nineteenth-century England.

Not Safe After Dark is a complete collection of Peter Robinson’s short crime tales including four stories featuring Inspector Banks, private-eye story set in Florida, romantic Parisian mystery, and the modern classic, ‘Innocence’ – winner Crime Writer Canada’s Best Short Story Award. Whether writing pure detective fiction or heartbreaking noir, Robinson one world’s finest stylists. This anthology explores our hidden paranoia, challenges all that we take for granted lures us to new, exotic places, only make wish could run back home.