Abigail the Breeze Fairy

Jack Frost has promised not to trouble the Rainbow Fairies again, but he didn’t say anything about weather fairies! Now stolen feathers from Doodle, weather-vane cockerel in charge of weather. It’s up Rachel and Kirsty get each back Frost’s goblins, with a little bit help fairies: Crystal Snow Fairy, Abigail Wind Pearl Cloud Goldy Sunshine Evie Mist Storm Lightning Fairy Hayley Rain Fairy. In this book, Breeze needs find her wispy wind feather before causes chaos Fairyland human world!

The Weather Fairies have lost their magical feathers! Rachel and Kirsty search for one in each book. Read all seven books to help bring the weather back Fairyland! Fairyland is home Fairies! They use feathers of Fairyland. But when disappear, turns wacky. must fix it — fast! Abigail Breeze Fairy’s magic feather missing. Suddenly, Summer Festival into a windy mess! Find book

When Abigail’s magic feather is missing, the Summer Festival turns into a windy mess and Weather Fairies must try to fix it quickly.